Shared some photos of the office a couple months ago and thought I’d share a few more. I spend a lot of time in my office, so it’s important to have all sorts of elements & item such as functional, pretty, inspirational, and things I just like to collect that represent me. Did you know I am a total sucker for vintage office supplies? Or really any unique/fun office supplies in general. I’m talking, scissors, staplers, tape holders, stamps, letter holders, letter openers – you may judge me if you saw my collection 😉 

happy friday:

Thought I’d post a few shots of what’s going on in my office – a mess! 😉 Still need to do a lot of organizing and possibly a lot of purging. We went to a cute shop the other day and my mom commented, “I don’t need any dust collectors” hehe. As I was unpacking some of these things, I thought, “man, all this stuff are dust collector items like mom said!” but it’s so hard – I guess I love dust collectors! My weakness is vintage office supplies. Old papers, cards, notepads, labels, stamps. Pretty much any vintage office supplies I come across are an immediate buy. Do you have any weaknesses like that? :)

How was your week? This weekend Nick and I will be at Unique Santa Monica. Hope you can stop by if you’re local. Have a happy weekend friends!