paper package two:

Here’s another package that was sent out during our paper swap. I love paper! What is it about old tickets and photos and ephemera?? Something about a time now long past, truly simple times.

I’ve been thinking about doing a letter/penpal/paper swap .. could be fun! 

Would anyone be interested?

paper package:

You guys love I know packaging and trades. Some time ago, I did a paper swap with some lovely ladies and it was a blast. It was fun collecting up little paper treasures to send and also receive. Found these little brass stencils that was the perfect finish for each person. I’ll be posting some images of what I got as well – it’s the best! Have you sent anything special in the mail lately? Being at the stationery show, I am inspired to send all sorts of pretty things now :)

Message Tape:


I’ve had this idea for a while and tried to get it made with washi tape but I had to order some huge amount like 10,000 rolls or something. Which was kind of a lot 😉 So I was super excited to get this tape printed with our designs. I figured you guys would really appreciate this because you like packaging and nifty things! Rolls of message tape are available here in the shop!


The tape is simple – you just tear at each message and place on your package/envelopes/whatever! Rolls are just $10 each and a roll will last you quite a while with hundreds of little messages per roll! (haven’t actually counted how many there are but it’s a lot!)


Calling all letter lovers – we’ve got a roll especially for you with special package sayings like: airmail, send more letters, special delivery, please deliver to, & more!

So what do you guys think? Any specific sayings you’d like to see or think would be cool? Our next designs will include occasions like birthdays and holidays! Don’t miss out on getting a roll of tape for yourself here at the shop! Also available in our retail shop.

With the introduction of this new product, we thought it’d be fun to give away a roll of tape to 10 lucky winners! Simply tweet / facebook / or instagram an image from this post and come back and comment here! Be sure to tag @ohhellofriend so we can track your entries.

*  this is a original idea designed and produced by by oh, hello friend. tape is printed in the usa.

12 gifts:

Over the holidays, someone approached me to do a series of little gifts for her girlfriend, who reads the blog. I thought it was so thoughtful and fun so I gathered some oh, hello friend best sellers and wrapped them up into 12 gifts. I love wrapping so why turn down an opportunity to wrap up gifts and spread some cheer? :)

Here are all the gifts that were included.

All wrapped up!

I’ve never had a request like this before, it was really fun. She just gave me a budget and I just stayed within that! Thanks Helen & Laura!

Anyway, I love gifts! giving and receiving 😉 I especially like wrapping up gifts! My mom is a big gift giver, it’s definitely one of her love languages. What about you? I am sure if you read this blog you most likely share in my love of gifts and/or packaging… :) 

simple packaging idea:

Thought I’d share a quick + easy package idea today! I love packaging, don’t you? :)

All you need is some scraps of fabric or lace, twine, paper bags, and some kind of embellishment!

I cut the fabric into small strips.

Then shaped some of the edges like a flag. I didn’t do it with the lace though.

Cut a small slit into to the other end and strung the twine through.

Tied on my tags & paper clips and done! Very easy :)

ps: here are the items I used: bags / paper clips / rubber stamp

collection / packaging:

It’s been a while since I’ve done a package round up and this is what happens when so much time passes :: I find tons of amazing packaging inspiration photos. Have you wrapped anything lately? I feel like I am constantly packaging and using the same old twine, paper bag, and tag. I am going to try to really switch it up and find new ways to package. Hope you enjoy today’s collection as much as I did searching for these photos :)

wedding favor packaging via style me pretty

via sunday suppers

image by Rebecca Newport via 79 ideas

Beautiful soap packaging by Fringe Studio via Parcel Post

via mokkasin

via inspiration ave
via whipper berry

via Martha Stewart

via decor8

wrapping paper via love mae

via grey likes weddings

via pbj 4 life

via kitty baby love

Hovard Design identity via design work life

via project wedding

minimega design via via lottie loves

image by Jackie Wonders via style me pretty

via better homes & gardens

shop packaging:

This past month I have been packaging a lot. Ruby jokes that I have 3 children aka my 3 shops: my etsy shop, reverie market and the wanderlust. I probably sent over 100+ orders – I am so grateful for each order and for all your support, truly!
Packaging orders takes me quite a long time. I suppose I could just stuff the item in an envelope and be done with it. Although, I don’t think I could bring myself to ever do that, I always have to send out a nicely wrapped or at least a somewhat decent looking package 😉 Anyway, I’ve been documenting some packaging over the past several weeks and wanted to share some images with you because I know many of you are fans of packaging. Enjoy!
the wanderlust packaging:
Packages for friends:
A package I wrapped up for a swap I participated in.
Tied it with a little horse paper clip and twine:
Reverie Packaging:
oh, hello friend packaging:
Favorite items currently using on packaging:
rubber stamps, ribbon/lace/twine, key charms, wood tags,
random finds/vintage embellishments

lovely package workshop:

We had the lovely package workshop a couple weeks ago at Salvage Life. It’s a lot of fun to prep and set up for events, to gather the props and supplies needed. Here are some shots from around the workshop that day. My husband took most of these, he is the best! :)
Some shots of the workshop set up and all the things we had to package with.
Had some little eats before the workshop started.
We had guests Tristan from Besotted Brand and Lauren from Lauren Elise Crafted join us and show us some super cute packaging ideas.
Beth set up her photo area with cute props to take pictures of the packages – so fun!
Shots from around the workshop and the tables.
All in all, I think it went well. Packaging is something I love to do and it’s always fun to meet new friends. Thanks to Megan, Elizabeth, and Jennifer for joining us!

inspire, lovely / pretty package:

A round up of pretty packaging for your inspiration today!

Package exchange announcement is coming tomorrow :)

Have a wonderful day friends.

image from paper n stitch found via Lisa‘s pin.

image from emerson made found via Clair‘s pin.

image from The New Domestic found via Gillian‘s pin.

image from Creature Comforts found via Kelli‘s pin.

image from Kylie Parry found via Silvia‘s pin.

image from Herriott Grace found via Lindsey‘s pin.

image from in haus press

image from Lovely Tape found via Nur‘s pin.

image from Pretty Tape found via Kelly‘s pin.

image from House of Design Blog found via Sarah‘s pin.

image from Incey Wincey

image from Smim Tokk found via Lauren‘s pin.

image from Dinosaur Toes found via my own‘s pin 😉

image from Wallnut Studio found via Kelli‘s pin.

image from Hege Greenall-Scholtz found via my own‘s pin 😉

Besotted Brand + A Giveaway (closed)

:: update ::
Miss B has chosen a winner!
Congrats to # 89 – Sara!
Miss B notes that all the answers were so heartfelt, sweet and funny,
but that she is in love with the internet as well (madly + deeply)
Thanks for participating!

This is what packaging is all about. Have you been to over Besotted Brand yet? Miss B just recently launched her new shop that has been in the works and I have to say that it is everything lovely and wonderful. From the products, to the photographs and styling – it just reminds me how much I love design and creativity. I love creative things. and Miss B’s shop is not lacking in any pretty and creative products – you must head over!
Thought I’d take some images to share with you of the lovely package I received in the mail.
So pretty right? :) If you don’t have Besotted Blog in your reader, you simply must add it! Actually, this package is what got me motivated to get the lovely package exchange going again, so you can thank Miss B for that! (details to come next week!)
Miss B has also so generously offered a $75 prize package for one lucky winner!
Win the following:
-1 large natural wood hinged box
-12 ultra luxe 4 bar flats in a light creme (it’s a very slight white)
-10 true kraft envelopes
-3 mini ink pads in pewter, scarlet and white
-9 archive labels
-3 mini manila shipping tags
-1 calligraphied ‘Kindly deliver to’ stamp
-1 calligraphied ‘p.s.’ stamp
-1 mini oval hat box (so darling)
-1 Stamped ‘special delivery’ tag
-Wrapped in a black double satin ribbon
To enter, simply answer this question in the comments and Miss B will pick her favorite answer! Here is the question! “What one item or thing are you truly, madly, deeply in love with and why?'” Giveaway ends on Tuesday, November 8th and winner will be announced right in this post so be sure to check back!