guessing game:

I commissioned the very talented Julie from Flourish & Whim to write out a word I have had on my heart for some time now. I have been going through a personal journey over the past several months and exploring this meaning of shalom. More to come on this project in the next couple months.
But time for a guessing game! Can you guess what I may be using this for? :) and I know you don’t know what this is for but just going off your own preference, which style is your favorite? :)

washi tape notebook:

Ever since I was in college, I’ve always kept some sort of notebook with me to write down “to do” things from day to day. So for the latest notebook, I purchased one of these simple Mead notebooks and got some new Lotta Jansdotter washi tape (don’t you just love the yellow one?) and decorated a new notebook for myself!
On the inside, I always try to make a calendar for the upcoming months.. Someone saw this one time and said I was ocd! But I just try to be organized!
I used some of the decals I designed (that I had at the craft show) and put one on the front and one on the inside. I am really loving these decals :)
That’s it! A very simple + quick afternoon project. If you’re overwhelmed or just need to get a little more organized, I totally recommend keeping a notebook with you. I know there are lots of organization/productivity apps on smart phones now and days but there is something awesome about writing things down the good old fashion way 😉

diy – summer in a bag:

DIY – Summer in a bag: I made a few summer projects for a book submission and I’m posting the rest here 😉 This is a quick & easy project. I had a friend come into town to visit so I decided to make her a little summer kit. I added a little ruffle gift tag to it but that’s optional.

Here’s what you need:

– Drawstring cotton bag

– Iron on paper
– “summer” items for kit (I gathered a mini block of sunscreen,
sunglasses, lip balm, a small pocket mirror, and a bottle of nailpolish!)

For gift tag:
– Cupcake wrappers
– Vintage paper & tissue
– Twine
– Shipping tag

So you’ll need to print your graphic, make sure you reverse it so when it irons on, it reads correctly.

Peel away paper to reveal your graphic!

Stuff the bag with your summer goodies!

To make gift tag:

So for the gift tags, I used doilies, cupcake wrappers, sewing pattern tissue, and music note sheets. Flatten out the cupcake wrappers and gather all the elements together.

Next, poke a hole through all the layers. Be careful when doing this.. I just use sharp scissors and cut through, but if you have a better method, use that!

Then, string your twine through all the layers.

Tie a knot at each side of your papers.

and you’re all done! Tie gift tag onto the bag.

I said it was easy! 😉