lovely wear:

I saw someone wearing this yellow skirt at the flea market and I of course fell in love… I wasn’t sure where she got it so I randomly checked forever 21. Of all places, they had it.. and for $22, what a steal. It’s obviously my new favorite skirt 😉
Nicholas got me this necklace for Christmas. Love it.
We tried walking to capture how flowy the skirt was..just combined the pics to make a gif which is kind of fun! (made with
Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Nine West from DSW
Belt: Vintage
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

currently loving …

Hi friends! Sorry for the missed post yesterday! Still recovering from a great weekend at Altitude Summit .. Will hopefully have a round up of notes for you tomorrow. The winner chosen for the new blog design giveaway was #534 – Mandi C! Congrats! Please contact me to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments + for entering/tweeting the giveaway. See you tomorrow! xo.

Today I’m currently loving colorblock items. Is this a recent new trend? because I feel like I’m seeing colorblock everywhere! Well, either way I am a big fan. Love the simple yet bold color statements of these pieces. Anyone else into colorblock?
1/ DSW
2/ Fossil
5/ DSW
Also noticed and happened to find tons of yellow colorblock, swoon! :)

golden globe 2012 fashion:

Did anyone catch the Golden Globe Award’s last night? Did a post about the fashion last year so thought I’d do another post this year with some of my personal faves 😉
photo source: hollywood life + just jared
It’s crazy that a whole year has passed, it feels like just yesterday I posted about the fashion from the 2011 golden globe awards. Well this year I think this nude color still seems to be in – it is so classic, I don’t think it will ever get old! I thought Madonna looked gorgeous and the top of her blouse during her presentation was so pretty. The bottom of the dress is whatever. I do love the dress of Andrea Riseborough (not sure who she is but she is with Madonna) and
Zooey is so cute, she shouldn’t be on the worst dress list but I think she made it to a few. Not such a fan of any of these dresses. Natalie Portman’s looks like something my friend wore to prom back in 2001. I think some people liked Heidi but I just think it’s so plain, not golden globe fabulous.. What did you think of the fashion this year? :)

wears / alt summit:

I’m headed to Altitude Summit next week in Salt Lake City and have been pondering what to wear for the conference. It’s a fun event filled with bloggers and creatives from all over, and you know everyone will be dressed in their most fabulous wears. I used to really be into what I wore in high school, it was all stuff from abercrombie & fitch and hollister, heh. I don’t think anthropologie existed then, at least, not to my knowledge. But considering when my family members see me and sometimes say “what are you wearing?” or “you look like a bum” I may not have the best fashion cred anymore. I just wear what I like. Not sure if it’s in or out.
Well, here are some of my favorite “if I had an unlimited wallet” picks of my ideal wears. We’ll see what I actually come up with to wear 😉

1/ zara
5/ novica
2. jcrew
2/ ae
Any recommendations on what to wear? :)

lovely wear / yellow pants:

I came home with these pants the other week and Nick wasn’t crazy about the color. They’re yellow, my favorite. I guess they look sort of orange in the photos. What do you think of the pants? Sure, they’re bright, but I like them 😉 It was hot over the weekend, but it’s starting to cool down now so time to pull out the sweaters + coats.
My latest favorite necklace – a globe watch!
Globes, love. Functional? Even better 😉
This bag has a little lock and key, love! It’s all in the little details.
Top, Bow Scarf, Necklace, Bag – Reverie Market
Pants – from Crossroads Trading Co, brand: Gap
Boots – Steve Madden

lovely wear:

Before I loved yellow, I liked green. I am really loving pleated skirts and this vintage carpet bag I got from etsy, don’t you love etsy? There are so many fabulous things on there. Anyway, I was looking at my hair and I feel like it’s already a lot longer than even this photo back from August, may need a trim or something! Hope you enjoy today’s outfit post! :)
Blouse: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Vintage from Calico Bloom Vintage
Skirt / Sweater / Necklace: Reverie Market
Photos by my dear sweet husband, Nicholas

lovely wear:

We’re still having nice sunny weather. Sunday was a lovely day for the flea market so we headed out. They actually said there was supposed to be tons of rain over the weekend – I was super excited! But it didn’t happen. Sometimes I’m not sure about weather forecasts. I really wouldn’t mind if orange county started getting some winter-like weather. Even clouds would be nice 😉 What is the weather like where you live? Well all that to say, I haven’t packed up my skirts and summer shoes yet.
I decided to add my outfit color combo’s for each week. Hopefully it will serve as a little color inspiration for you!

Speaking of the flea market – I found a pair of swedish hasbeens on Sunday for only $22! That’s right. I was so excited. Does anyone own a pair? I heard about them from Ruby. They’re pretty rough condition but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford a pair on my own, so I’ll take what I can get 😉 If this weather keeps up, they’ll probably make it into an outfit post in the coming weeks. In the mean time, I will dream about these beauties.

Hope you enjoyed today’s outfit!
Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: Vintage from Cheeky Vintage Closet
Shoes: Frye Carlie Sandals
(note: I found mine from ebay, but they’re available here at sundance.
I totally want them in yellow! haha)
Purse + watch: Reverie Market
Photos by my dear sweet husband, Nicholas!

lovely wear:

Back to weekly outfit posts! How is the weather where you live? It’s still sunny around here, I’m trying to wear dresses as long as I can (I love dresses!) but it’s starting to cool down. Maybe I’ll just keep wearing dresses through the winter, because winter here is still 70’s :) I do hope the rain comes, it seems like it rains less and less each year.
mustard mustard mustard, I will never tire of you!
Dress & Tank: Forever 21
Shoes & Belt: Thrifted in Stockton
* Okay, these shoes are actually a half size too big, but they were only $4 – couldn’t pass them up!
Harmonica Necklace: Made by me
* Harmonica really plays, how fun is that? Would be so cool to actually learn to play a song 😉
Purse: ModCloth

lovely wear:

Today I’m all about polka dots and flowers. I’ve always liked floral things, but have never really been into polka dots much. I like them a lot now! They’re sort of timeless, you can’t really go wrong with polka dots. What sort of patterns are you into lately?
Dress: Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange
Bag: Thrifted
Shoes: Seychelles
Necklace: Made by me 😉

lovely wear:

Today my entire outfit is thrifted! Well, except the watch. I wish I knew the brand of the skirt + top, but the tags were cut off when I found them at Crossroads. Do you have a buy/sell/trade store near you? I first found out about buy/sell/trade when I was in college and lived 30 seconds away from a buffalo exchange. You can take your clothes and either sell them or get credit – so whenever I do a closet purge, I take the clothes over and get trade credit. It’s a pretty fabulous exchange.
This outfit features some of my favorites! My favorite watch, which is a Harry Potter watch 😉 found on ebay… and my favorite map bag, found while thrifting in SLC at Alt Summit back in January. I had always wanted a map bag, and there it was on the rack for $3 bucks! Thanks Utah!
Skirt, $11 / Top, $9 / Necklace, $8: Thrifted from Crossroads Trading Co
Shoes: Thrifted from Reanimated Rags! (Tons of cool vintage shoes!), $29
Harry Potter Watch: ebay, $12
Bag: Thrifted from Salt Lake City, Utah, $3