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Hello friends! I know I kind of fell of the face of the earth but I’m definitely coming back ASAP. I’ve missed blogging and now have a brand new place to blog at with a new design and here at wordpress : ) Leaving blogger was hard, I started on good old blogger and blogged there for 5 years! It’s definitely going to take some time to get used to wordpress but so far it’s great and we designed our entire website in wordpress, including the shopping cart! Will possibly do a post all about building your website from scratch and using wordpress plugsin later, if anyone is interested..

But anyway, head over to ohhellofriend.com — we finally have all our items up in our own online shop, ready for purchase! We have our workshop page that will now be held at the new OHF studio, around the corner from our shop. Don’t miss our events page to see if we’re headed to a city near you. and for any shop owners, we have wholesale ordering now available online so register for an account today!

So excited to finally get the new site launched. This has been on my list for a year. HUGE thank you to our web developer Lucie Wu who developed the ENTIRE website for us!!! She installed all the plug ins, got our shopping cart going, helped with every aspect and detail that goes into building a website from scratch, and even put up with a couple main page re-designs with me ; ) She was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her! Be sure to check out her tumblr and her instagram accounts, and if anyone would like to inquire about a web project you may need done, you can email her here!

1, 2, or 3?

I actually made several layouts and thought I’d ask you guys which one you like best! Just let me know in the comments below 😉 Excited to get the new blog design launched soon!

2 columns on both sides with content in the middle.

Similar to current layout, 2 columns on the right side.

Main content + 1 side bar.

american blogger:

Chris Wiegand

Joy Prouty and Erin Loechner

Casey Wiegand

Today I had the privilege to do an interview with Chris Wiegand for a documentary he is filming about bloggers. Last month he renovated a vintage airstream and has been traveling across the country stopping in over 30 states and meeting with bloggers all over the country! Such an amazing idea brought to life. It’s been fun to follow along his journey across the states, meeting with so many bloggers. What an honor to be included in such an amazing group of bloggers! You can see more photos here on instagram: #americanblogger and read updates all about what’s happening at his wife’s blog, Casey Leigh :) 

back to blogging:



Hi friends! I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted! I know I kind of just fell off the face of the blog-world. We’ve been so busy! We went to Canada, we moved into our new house, and we’ve been super busy at the shop. I definitely missed blogging but also feel a little disconnected. How have you all been? Anything new? I’m excited to get back to blogging. Thanks for the warm welcome back you guys :) (photo from my instagram feed, shoes from miz mooz)

summing up 2012:

I thought it’d be fun to do a little summary of posts from 2012. Looking over the blog posts from last year, it’s so crazy that a whole year of blogging went by just like that! If you’re a more recent reader, here are some posts you may have missed. If you’re an old reader, maybe you’ll remember some of these! These are a few of my favorites from last year :)

my first DIY post of the year, a business card DIY: here

book of notes, these are so fun to make: here


Nick and I attended a managing conflict marriage weekend,

shared my notes with you guys: here
image via oh, darling

shared about how I keep all my thoughts together, old school: here
 (technically posted in March but it was almost April! 😉 

blogged about one of the many vintage sales we had in 2012, if you came to a sale last year, thank you! : here


we bought a house! : here


simple packaging: here

you shared your stories about how you came to start a blog: here

we celebrated 2 years of marraige: here

i went to downton abbey: here


designed & launched a new website/shop: here

we made a pretty cool announcement: here

So that was 2012! I definitely didn’t get around to blogging about some things I wanted to last year so hopefully things will get more organized and I’ll have time to dedicate to doing all the plans and ideas I have for the blog :) All in all though, 2012 was a good year of blogging. Thank you for reading along at my little space here in this big world of web!

Ad space giveaway:

I thought I’d do a quick little giveaway for ad space on oh, hello friend for the month of February! I’ve never done a giveaway like this before so I thought it’d be fun. You can advertise your blog or your shop. 6 winners will be chosen for a small banner ad & 1 lucky winner will receive a large ad. Simply comment to enter & be sure to include your link & email address as well. Good luck!
* Giveaway ends on Sunday, January 30th and winner must send their banner ad within the day. If banner is not received, a new winner will be chosen in replacement.

UPDATE – Winners of the giveaway are: yourwishcake, katrina, Rosey, Monica, & Cat! The large banner winner is: Evelyn! Congrats ladies!

link me:

Thanks for stopping by the banner section! If you’d like to share the love for oh, hello friend on your blog/site, banners in different designs + sizes are available below. Simply copy and paste the code provided, and place it on your site :) Thank you so much for your support! If you do link oh, hello friend. please leave your blog address below so i can check out your blog!

110 x 110, copy & paste:

160 x 75, copy & paste: 

160 x 160, copy & paste:

160 x 218, copy & paste: 

180 x 75, copy & paste: 

200 x 125, copy & paste:

200 x 200, copy & paste: 

weekend + 2000!

missouri snow:
missouri snow.
missouri snow:
so we just flew into orange county this morning after visiting nick’s family in missouri. they got a snow storm! we were there at christmas time but there wasn’t snow really… i’m sure many of you mid-east coasters are all too familiar with snow and icicles but having grown up in a city where it doesn’t really ever get below 70 degrees, this was just about the coolest thing i’ve ever seen! something about a field covered in a white blanket of snow is so lovely. i learned all about scraping snow off your car and what real cold is 😉
anyway: just thought i’d post a quick note that oh, hello friend hit 2000 blogger followers today, hurray! so exciting.. thanks for all your support friends! xo.

oh, hello friend in 2009:

hello friends! well, 2009 has almost come to an end. i am really excited for 2010… for many reasons: looking forward to many changes, new friends, and of course: blogging! but i didn’t want to forget about this year and how much the blog has grown over the last year. so here is a review of some posts from ’09!

as seen in:

on my wall:
+ guest post at decor8: in august, i got an amazing opportunity to do a guest post at decor8 while holly moved to germany!
diy packaging.

+ diy column at utterly engaged: i put together some pretty packaging for issue 003 of utterly engaged!

blog + shop:

+ lovely package exchange: in july, we did an exchange where over 250+ people exchanged lovely packages.

+ lots and lots of craft shows: in 2009, i sold at over 10+ craft shows. it was lovely! i will be posting a whole guide to planning for a craft show next year!


+ reached over 1000 etsy sales: hurray! am really going to try to focus more on the etsy shop next year!

+ celebrated 1000 followers: in november, the blog hit 1000 followers. so cool 😉 its kind of cool and my twitter and blog follow each other in number of followers. its really fun when they both match up!

+ customer appreciation week: lots of fun. look for customer appreciation week in 2010!

+ changes: in june 09, i changed my whole blog layout!

+ over 30 weekly giveaways: in 2009 we have over 30 weekly giveaways from so many lovely shops. click to see the archive!

+ inspire lovely: so many lovely photos in the archives. click over if you need some inspiration 😉

crafts + packaging:
envelope book: one.
+ book of notes for nick: this appeared on stumbleupon! so exciting!

+ more notes: a little online scavenger hunt note book. this was lots of fun to make.

vday: hot chocolate mix.
+ hot chocolate gift idea: some sticky fun!

bridesmaid books: 1

+ bridesmaid project two: a lovely bridesmaid book of gifts, made for lucy.

bridesmaid rings: 3

+ bridesmaid project one: pretty little ring lockets for michelle.

packaging: wrapped.
+ shop packaging: i love pretty packages, if you didn’t already know :) archive of all the shop packaging posts!

collections / series:

+ 17 lovely business cards: with some commentary from designers ellie snow and whitney deal.

+ 10 lovely iphone apps: a collection of some fun apps, for you iphone users.

+ fun cameras: it’d be fun to own all these novelty cameras.

+ notions series: a week long series on ruffles. crochet. lace. cutout. pleats.


engaged: moment after

+ proposal story: in november, nicholas proposed :)

+ always, sometimes never: if you are new here and want to read a little something about me, this was a fun little post i enjoyed doing.

+ met ruby ellen from cakies: in july – i got to meet ruby, true, and brave for breakfast. it was so much fun, i felt like i had already known her forever.

+ met jessica jane from petite house: jessica and i had been ‘blog’ friends for a while…we texted a lot too. i was so excited when they moved to southern california! we first met at renegade craft – which is appropriate since we’re both crafters. i also got to meet valerie, both of them were so cool!

+ blog social at urbanic: this was a blast. met so many lovely blog friends like amanda from 100 layer cake, audrey from parcel post, monica from our designed life, and rachel from heart of light!

+ turned 24: in june, another year older.

+ met dionne from city of dionne: for a socal bloggers social she put on. it was so much fun.. and kind of my first real blog meet-up. before i walked in, i was like “nick what if they turn out to all be old blogger ladies?” hehe. they were all so cool.

misc pics:

good morning.
random weekend post.

lovely books: game books!
pretty puzzle books.

thrift finds: plates.
thrift finds.

an awesome banner from the fabulous katie of made by hank.

happy easter!
i love this vintage dish.

i made a skirt in sewing class!

book made by nicholas: pop up!
a sweet book nick made for me.

see you in 2010!
have a safe and lovely new year.

thank you:

thank you to times online for including oh, hello friend in the 50 top design blogs. i know there are thousands of amazing blogs out there so to be a part of this list, i am truly honored and humbled. special thanks to lynne from tea for joy, who curated the list.

and thanks to all the readers. you are really what keeps me blogging.. and have made this blog what it is. your sweet comments and notes, they put a smile on my face every day.

as whitney from darling dexter said,
here’s to another great blogging year in 2010!