New York here we come!

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Well actually, we’re already here! We headed to New York to attend the National Stationery Show! We’re not showing but we wanted to check it out for possibly showing in 2014, and ordering for the shop. I’m pretty excited – I love paper goods. and from the looks of it, this is paper good’s heaven. So many creatives out there. and I mean, it’s definitely cool to just travel to New York. My cousin is actually graduating from Medical School and the dates totally lined up with NSS so I figured it was meant to be. My mom is going to see her graduate so it’ll be a fun time with family too.

I’ve been to New York once, long ago. Actually about 10 years ago. Crazy! Nick has never been.. so my question is: What should we do in NY?! I know it’s HUGE and there are probably endless things to do, but what is on your top list of places to see/eats? Any fun (paper/stationery) stores to check out? Any good flea markets in NY? :) I always appreciate your recommendations and suggestions! (the ones from Toronto were awesome!) Thanks friends! :)

Napa Valley:

My cousin got married a few months ago and so we all headed up to the Napa Valley area. I had never been but this town was absolutely gorgeous. We stayed in a little town called Rutherford and my cousin got married at this beautiful winery. I was with my mom and brother’s so we didn’t do a whole lot of exploring but we did have the english muffins from this place and they were pretty incredible, I want to go back just to have them again 😉 My mom and I did get to do a little antique shopping so that was really fun to spend some mother/daughter time together. 
If you’re ever able to go to Napa for a vacation or getaway, I’d recommend it. It was so peaceful. It seemed like everyone had grape vines in their front yard, so legit. It seemed like a different kind of life  around here – no one is really in a rush or always on the go.. We met a couple who comes here every year from Colorado, it’s their yearly trip! I hope to return soon! Do you have a traditional yearly trip you take? That could be something fun to start with Nick. 


Nick and I are headed to London in just a few short days! We’re off to Chicago for Renegade Craft fair this weekend and then heading straight to London once the show is over. Can’t wait. I really love London! I have been but it was quite a few years ago. I am excited to travel with Nick. Do you guys have any suggestions or recommendations? We are definitely planning on the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour and hoping to make a drive out to Highclere Castle to see where Downton Abbey is filmed! Other than that, we’ll hit up some museums and markets. But I would love to hear your suggestions if you’re a local or have traveled to London before :)

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Hi Friends! I’m in Indianapolis right now attending the Delta Faucet Maker Blogger Event. I figured this was a great opportunity since Nick & I bought a house and are looking to fix it up and everything – what better way to view everything than at the headquarters of one of the leading faucet brands! So excited to be visiting a new city, and one of my good blog friends is here too – Brittni from Papernstitch! Any recommendations for things to do while I’m in town? You know I love antiques and food 😉 Will be sure to report back on my trip here.

New Orleans:

What can I say? New Orleans captured my heart. The time I spent in New Orleans was a once in a lifetime. I was super fortunate to go as a part of the beNOLAbound group and meet so many other amazing people. I decided I’m a big fan of things I’ve never seen… in real life that is. You can see pictures and watch videos of places & things, but unless you go to the actual place, you can’t fully grasp it. New Orleans certainly showed me lots I’ve never seen before. I felt like I was in so many different places just walking around New Orleans – sometimes I felt like I was in another country, other times I walked around to places I’ve not ever quite experienced before. So here are some photos I took to share with you. Some of these photos may be a bit random, but for some reason these experiences and things I saw stood out in my mind.

Alligator jerky stand. This is probably a tourist thing but I’ve never seen it so I took a picture.

Along some street I was walking, a big parade appeared with a full band – it was a couple who had just gotten married. Wedding parade? Amazing! The newlyweds were at the front of the line, followed by the band, followed by all their guests. Is this common in nola? Well, it was one of my favorite things for sure.

Above ground tombs?! Never seen it. Crazy!

The first night they took us to a hornets vs laker game. I’ve seen the lakers, but never seen the hornets 😉 Pretty good game too (lakers won!)

Live music at 2:45 in the afternoon. Can’t really go anywhere here at that time to get live music.

Stopped by a tobacco shop. They were rolling cigars right there. Pretty cool 😉

Doughy goodness covered in powdered sugar — Cafe Du Monde beignets. wish I could have one right now.

Crawfish boil .. what! I’ve never had crawfish. nor eaten it quite like this.
It was messy. and spicy. and really good!

All our NOLAbound friends, under the tree of life at audubon park.

The last day I was there I got to walk around on my own..
I love exploring new cities on my own, it’s so exciting and fun!

On the last night with the group, we had dinner at Irvin Mayfield’s house and they had Robert Fogarty there, the founder of Dear World. The Nola bounders wrote messages to New Orleans and he photographed them. Such inspiring messages .. dream it, be it. create the life you wish to live. embrace differences. you are loved 😉 It was a pretty cool experience.

Okay, so this isn’t my story but I kind of have to share it because it’s just too insane to not share. Zooey, the lady behind the whole nolabound initiative, was walking around on the streets of nola one night and the diamond fell out of her ring. She notices the next morning and mentions it in the elevator and our friend, Charlie happens to overhears her. They were together the night before, sitting on a bench or something. He mentioned he remembered seeing something shimmer or glimmer or whatever in a crack in the ground. They figured it was worth going back to look but what are the chances it could be the diamond? They return to the same spot, he digs out some dirt and pulls something out – the diamond! crazy right?! Love that story. I just think it’s pretty funny cause Nicholas finds really random things on the ground sometimes.. but why can’t he find a 2 karat diamond? 😉

and here are some pics I tweeted in case you don’t have twitter!
1. Friends at the hornets/lakers game!
2. Little kid playing the trumpet.. well, he would just blow into it occasionally, it was really cute.
3. Last night in nola sunset.
4. Traffic light on the ground, really big!
5. About 15 mins after we took our group photo, a couple came and got married under the tree!
6. View from our rooftop dinner.

Having had no knowledge of New Orleans beyond Katrina and Mardi Gras, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ll be honest, New Orleans wasn’t exactly a forerunner on places I wanted to travel. Probably because I knew nothing about it. I’ve been around to a couple different countries… India, Vietnam, Rwanda, Philippines. But New Orleans definitely has their own unique thing going on and I don’t think anything can quite be compared to it. All I have to say is CULTURE! New Orleans is so full of it! Never have I seen so many people playing on streets, you can walk around and get lost in music everywhere. (and I totally did) I’ve never seen a street like St. Charles Street, where the trees are so huge they provide a canopy of shade for the streets. I seriously wish we could trade in our palm trees here in California for the awesome oak trees in New Orleans. The buildings were so charming: Brick, old shutters, chippy paint — so much history, love it! I’ve really never seen a community so proud of their city.

We actually toured the city and met with local business leaders as a part of entrepreneur week. We got to experience New Orleans from an entrepreneur’s viewpoint. NOLA has a lot going on. Exciting things. Inspiring things. The community here recognizes they have something special, something unique. and they’re inviting others to come be a part of it. That’s pretty inspiring if you ask me. I don’t really see a whole lot of community going on where I’m from. Is there really any other city out there that is like New Orleans? I’m pretty sure NOLA stands alone in what they have to offer.

I think the most inspiring thing I took from the trip is simply the people I had an opportunity to talk with and hear stories from. I heard some stories from people that lived through the storm. It kind of opened my eyes to just how devastating it was. Even as I heard stories, I still could not even fully comprehend what they went through. Sure we saw what the media showed us but after they were done covering the story – there was so much rebuilding left they we never saw in the news. Anyone who was there through that insane time has their own experience. It’s been 7 years and they have moved on .. New Orleans has rebuilt. They aren’t defined by it. But their stories & memories are still apart of them. I hope they will continue to tell their stories. Because their stories represent community. healing. growth. and strength.

So anyway, would I go back to New Orleans? Definitely, I’d hop on a plane tomorrow if I could. Would I recommend visiting? Absolutely. You have to experience this city for yourself. Would I live in New Orleans? Totally. Whether you’re considering where to vacation next or even a possible relocation, I’d wholeheartedly say to look into New Orleans. It’s a pretty amazing place.

ps: here are some great articles posted by other nolabounders.. A New Orleans for the Future – Yvahn Martin, NOLABound Project Offers Lessons in Turning “Brain Drain” to “Brain Gain” – Hugh Daschbach, How Louisiana is Luring Startups – Anita Hamilton (not a nolabounder but a good article anyway)

pss: if you’re planning a visit to New Orleans – Curry left a pretty awesome list in the comments below so check that out and design sponge has a great new orleans city guide, be sure to read the comments in the post too for more suggestions.

new orleans!

Hi friends, I’m heading to New Orleans today! I applied for the project through NOLAbound and was 1 of 27 to be chosen for this opportunity to go and explore the city from an entrepreneurial viewpoint. We’ll be meeting lots of leaders, innovators, and business owners – I’m really excited to be a part of this opportunity. I found some lovely photos of New Orleans around the web so thought I’d post a few here:

via Erin Johnson photography

via Briole – here and here

via Alfonso Pompo Bresciani – here and here

I’ve never been to New Orleans and actually know very little about this city. Has anyone ever visited? Any readers actually live in New Orleans? I’m excited for this experience and can’t wait to share it with you :) I have heard wonderful things about the food.. I’ll be tweeting throughout my trip so check in and see what we’re up too! I’ll also try to post an update or two at the blog on the site .. NOLAbound is also on twitter and will be live-tweeting everything!

ps: I’ll actually be hanging out in New Orleans all day on Sunday so
if you have been and have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

happy friday:

missouri trip:
hello there. wow, it’s friday again! i feel like i was just
in missouri yesterday! i thought i’d share some pictures of our trip.
missouri trip:
the newlyweds! a beautiful garden wedding in wisconsin.
missouri trip:
i dont know about your firework stands where you live but ours in california are just small wood stands. i loved the firework circus tents when we were driving around missouri: they’re huge. you know how it’s done missouri!
missouri trip:
our nephew, marcus – he’s a big pout-y bear.
or maybe he’s practicing for gq? 😉
he really melts my heart.
missouri trip:
we were looking for target and happened to be really
close to lake michigan so we stopped and took a stroll.
i dont like my profile but i love his!
missouri trip:
love the shapes of these clouds + trees.
that’s all! what a fun trip. nick found a bunch of n64 games packed away and he shipped them home. they arrived yesterday — so we’ll be strolling down memory lane this weekend playing all the classics 😉
unfortunately we lost my cousin on the 4th of july so its a changed holiday for us. (this is what happened 4 years ago and here is a recent news video of my aunt trying to get a law passed for dui drivers)
i hope you have a fun + safe holiday weekend friends.


hi friends! so i’m back from missouri. lovely trip. nick’s family is big into wrestling. i’ve never really known much about it, but this weekend i watched a lot of wrestling, so i’d say i’m a pro now 😉 we’re talking like, hours upon hours of endless matches. but it was fun! it’s a pretty exciting sport. loosing is no fun at all, and winning is the best feeling ever. the only hard thing i’d say about wrestling is that it’s all individual, so if you loose, it hits hard. if you loose, you go home. the survival of the best is really all it comes down to.. sad to say, nick’s brother didn’t take home any medals, but he is top 8 in the state which i’d say is pretty darn cool. and actually, he had a couple bad calls from the ref, which probably caused him to loose. it was such a bummer. but we’ll probably be back next year for his senior year. and i’m gonna say he will take 1st. well that’s enough about that. here are some pics.. okay, so i only took a total of 36 pictures the entire trip! sad bear.

missouri trip: little buidlings.
i liked these old looking shops.

missouri trip: university.
university of missouri.

missouri trip: wrestling.

wrestling.. there were 8 matches going on at the same time. intense intense! nick’s mom said they’ve been to one where there were 24 matches all in the stadium, now that’s legit.

missouri trip: funny chinese food place.
old taco bell turned chinese food restaurant. classy, haha.

missouri trip: hospital.
hospital where nicholas was born!

missouri trip: sunset.
coming home to the sunrise.

trip to missouri:

travel: my favorite thing!

did i mention that i’m going to missouri to visit nick’s family? yep! his little brother wrestles and made it to state! it’ll be lots of fun quality family time. my bags are packed and we’re off! i’ll still be posting the usual daily’s though. and here i am, getting ready to leave and still blogging, because it is so hard to part from you dear friends!

so i really love shopping at thrift stores. i also like having lots of pockets in my purse. like little cubbys or compartments to store everything. i found this brown printed bag at a thrift store and was like, score! it has about 7 pockets and zipper compartments., it’s the best. only now i find when i put something like my phone in a pocket, it is never consistent, so i end up going through all of the compartments over and over again before i actually find an item i need. ha 😉

the other item i found recently is this awesome wood apple box, so lovely to store all my little treasures and only $3 dollars!

and that is the end of this entry. i’ll be posting the pictures of the book nicholas made so come back soon if you want to see something pretty adorable.

seattle, anyone?

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i guess this falls under link love as well but since i forgot to add them in, i’ll post them here. so i adore seattle. i would really love to live there. i got this email from southwest that they’re having a SEATTLE SUPER SALE! ahhh! want to take a trip with me? of course i forwarded the email to nick right away.. but he’s not sure if he can take off work. meh. i want to go sit in the rain and go to pike place market and read in a coffee shop! i suppose i can do 1/3 of those things here. but seattle is just awesome. anyway, you must book your ticket by January 22, to travel anytime between February 3 and May 31.

and don’t forget to watch petite house: my dear friend jess is having a shop update today at 3:00 pacific time! very exciting.