china photos, part one:

so i mentioned that i had over 2000 photos between nicholas and i. i haven’t even seen my mom’s pictures yet. but here i have sorted it by sight or city we visited. part two just consists of a few more random photos and all the rest. thanks for viewing. it’s hard to really gain a feel for how amazing these sites were, so maybe you can just go for yourself one day 😉 to see larger pictures, simply click on the image.
ming tombs + sacred way:

i don’t actually have a picture of the ming tombs here because there really was hardly anything to see inside, haha. it was just an empty room. but a little ways down was the sacred way – 500 year old gigantic marble statues and a very cool scenic walk.

we were able to stop and visit the city my grandma grew up in. the first image is her front door. the 2nd image is at my grandpa’s house! we were able to go there as well. the rest of the images are at the bird’s nest in beijing. we weren’t allowed in but the outside was pretty cool to see.

i’ve been to xian before but the terracotta warriors are pretty amazing to see, every time. the wall is pretty cool. but this is just crazy! 8,000 clay soldiers, horses, and chariots – most of which are STILL buried! it blows my mind. and they all have different faces! so crazy. and some farmer just found them one day back in the 70’s or something. i mean, could you imagine just being out on your farm and discovering there are all of these below you hanging out? i love the thought of the undiscovered and what more there is to find. apparently the actual emperor’s tomb has not been opened yet.

so okay, i know the great wall is a world wonder and all, but i just couldn’t grasp the magnitude of the wall. probably because i spent the whole time climbing (literally) up the STEEP side of the wall cause my punk older brother wanted to go left instead of right. (right was the side my mom and everyone else went! the easier side) i mean, notice the steep steps in the bottom lower right image 😉 pretty darn high. heh. but it was still pretty cool to see. next time i’ll just take in the wall instead of climb the wall.

the forbidden city:

the forbidden city was a cool sight to see. basically some emperor built it and no commoner’s or lowly people were allowed in. there are thousands of’s legit. it’s huge. and i love all the intricate design and details of the stone carvings and structure. we got to see the royal headquarters, still intact with furniture and everything – it was so cool. it made me want a time machine where i could go back in time and see when they actually lived 😉

china photos, part two:

panoramic shots:
nicholas found this feature on his camera and got quite a few shots, i think they’re pretty great 😉 1. the great wall 2. scene from his room in hong kong. 3. a really big lot at the wall. 4. xian and terracota warriors. 5. hong kong street. 6. birds nest, olympic stadium.

nicholas + i:
some of our photos together. i’m so glad he went.


7-11, pizza, police golf cart, china style! some random and fun images of china.

misc dos:
the lady in the 2nd picture on the top, that’s my mom. she’s cute 😉 there are 2 images of ladies making cloisonne vases and plates, it was legit. talk about handmade. these ladies place down every single tiny piece and detail. then paint it. it’s amazing. anyway, the rest are just more random photos. some stalactites and stalagmites in a cool cave we went to. a market vendor with a sign, “no money no honey” haha. ronald (mcdonald) i have never been so happy to see those yellow and red colors. after days and days of chinese food, i don’t mind downing a few hamburgers and chicken nuggets.

and lastly, the beautiful details and random patterns/textures. i mean, these are just little things. but their carvings and detail of their buildings are so cool. the glass panes are from my grandma’s house, i really liked the floral tiling and green and yellow colors (both my favorite colors!) wood cut outs, iron floral ornate patterns. very inspiring.
that’s it! i hope you enjoyed my collections of images! thanks for reading!

last day:

bags are packed!

ok, so my bags aren’t really packed yet. yea right like i could ever bring that little of a suitcase! 😉 this is a picture from another time. i still haven’t started packing! haha. but i just found this really neat site through elise’s blog, that turns your photos into old weathered. lol. how funny that we would want this effect on our photos.. or maybe you don’t. but i think it’s pretty great! ok, so go try it yourself at wanokoto!

so i leave tomorrow morning at 6:00 am! i have so much to do today. i even got up before my alarm, heh! this is very rare. i must be anxious. oh, and i’m not going to leave my blog all empty and lonesome while i’m gone. i have some stuff saved up so i’ll post when i get over there! 

and to all my dear blog friends, if you want a postcard from china, leave a comment and i’ll send you one! 

i guess this is farewell for now. have a great weekend friend. 


my favorite thing in the whole wide world: traveling!

so, did i mention that i’m going to china in just 10 short days?!
gotta explore my roots! jk. excited to get out of oc for a while.
i’ve been before but this time we’re going with uncles, aunts, even the grandma! it’s going to be legit. i’m excited!
so excited infact that here is my little countdown clock
i found from countdownclockcodes, hehe.

nicholas is even coming, hurray!


just some pictures from my roadtrip with sarahanne &
last weekend in san francisco with nicholas.

so this week has been pretty crazy, i’m pretty burnt out.
last night i met with some friends from college for our monthly
friend-dinner then i stayed at my friend mayra’s house, had
to wake up at 6 am to get to the mall by 7 for iphone training.
tomorrow i will get to avery at 7, work till 11 and then head over
to the mall for my 12-9 shift of iphone madness.
saturday i start my letterpress class with my friend monique
i’m super excited! sunday i work again from 1-6 then i
finally get to relax. i just can’t wait till the weekend is over.
it hasn’t been as bad as i thought it would be, i’m not sure
what tomorrow is going to entail.

can i just never work again for the rest of my life? that’d be great. :)

road trip weekend:

happy 4th! san fransisco here we come..

i’ve been wanting to go up to san fransisco one of these weekends. my little brother does this all the time, where they’ll just go somewhere on a weekend. so just a random spontaneous trip, it all seems so exciting. but when it comes down to it, i feel like we really have to plan for it – hotels, what we’ll do there, cost, etc. but this morning nick said, “let’s just go” and so, we’re going! we’ll stop at my mom’s tonight in stockton (i figure might as well leave as soon as we can) or more like tomorrow morning at 3:00 am, is stockton even on the way? she claims it is. ha. plus my cousin lives up there but i’m not sure if we’ll see her. i really don’t know what we’ll do. it’ll probably be mega busy for the holiday but who cares! it’s a trip. it’s out of here. it’s random. it’s the unknown. it’s all so exciting!

On a random note, abbey from aestheticoutburst is doing an art swap which everyone should join in on! make artwork. print. send. receive 10 new pieces back. so cool! ♥