To our dear OHFSHOP community, supporters, and friends:

A little over 4 years ago, it was a dream of mine to open a shop. At the time, I had no idea I’d end up with a 1,600 sqft brick and mortar store filled with all of my favorite stationery and gifts. I had no idea that we’d hold workshops (a lot of workshops!) or host encouragement nights. I never dreamed of the impact this little shop would have on the community or that it would be a place of inspiration for so many.

As they say in retail, “location is everything”. So we searched for months and months for a space. None of the locations we looked at seemed right. Then we came upon a location on Harbor Blvd and I knew this was it. I remember being excited, nervous, curious, and filled with wonder about owning my own shop. My parents owned a “gift shop” on Harbor Blvd next to Disneyland over 20 years ago, and I thought it was pretty neat that I too would have my own shop on Harbor Blvd only 10 miles away from the shop I remember ringing customers up at. I loved using that cash register ; )

These last several months, I’ve been on a journey of seeking God’s will, learning what true surrender is, exploring what faith and trust really look like, and going in obedience to what He is calling me to. It is with a mix of emotions that I write and let you know that God is calling me out of my season of being a shop owner. Let me tell you: I have wrestled with this like crazy! The decision has not been easy. I’ve been filled with so much confusion, doubt, sadness, anger, you name it.  I have fought and debated it but through all the questioning and resisting, it is so evident that this is the path He wants me on. He is calling me to surrender it.  

I love the symbol of a white flag. Surrender. The definition of surrender says: “to agree to stop fighting, hiding, resisting, etc., because you know that you will not win or succeed”. Okay, surrendering is really hard! Some of you may know what I mean : ) Having to abandon and let go of my ego, pride, security, and identity. But I have come to a place where I realized that my trust and faith have been in the wrong things. I have been holding on to and fighting for what I think is best for myself, but this is a battle I can’t win. The Lord’s will and plan is so much better, beyond than anything we can ever comprehend, His plan is perfect! Why am I fighting so hard in my own strength and resisting His perfect plan? There is such freedom in letting go and in true surrender.

As I struggled with moving on from the shop and what would happen to it, the Lord answered and brought a huge (totally unexpected) blessing our way. I am so incredibly excited to let you know that we will be passing the shop-baton to one of my dear friends, Jeni from Found Vintage Rentals. Jeni started her vintage rental business back in 2010, the year Nick and I were planning our wedding. I happened to do a search for “vintage rentals in Orange County” and Found Vintage Rentals came up. I could not believe they were located in Fullerton, 10 minutes from the venue we were having our wedding at! Even then, God was orchestrating our paths to cross for what was to come. Jeni and I remained friends over the years, held lots of vintage sales together (you might have come to one of our sales!) and I like to brag that we were her first official rental inquiry ; ) Jeni has curated an amazing collection of furniture and decor that are rented all over the country!

With great joy, we announce that Found Vintage Rentals will be launching The Found Shop! The Found Shop will make their home within the space you know as OHFSHOP. Their vision is in complete alignment with ours, and their love for the Fullerton community is strong. They will offer quality products, gifts, handmade, vintage + custom furniture. You’ll still be able to find many of your favorite things at The Found Shop. Though the name OHFSHOP will no longer be on the door, the spirit of the shop will live on through The Found Shop! I could not be more excited about this transition, and you will, without a doubt, be in good hands. If you aren’t familiar with Jeni’s rental business, her vision and aesthetic is absolutely amazing, everything she does is done incredibly well. So I leave you in good hands, the shop you are used to coming to for gifts and inspiration will continue and be alive through The Found Shop and their team. They will also continue hosting creative workshops in the space, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Wow, it has been an incredible 3 years! One thousand thank you’s are not enough to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for you – for believing in OHFSHOP, supporting a local small business, dropping off a note, coming out to a workshop or event, leaving an instagram comment, bringing a friend to the shop, making a special visit from out of town, the list goes on and on! I never imagined it would become what it is. Through your support, you have made the shop what it is. It’d just be a building filled with a lot of paper and stuff without you. 

I am sure you might have a lot of questions, like when all this is happening! We have created a handy QUESTION + ANSWER page that can be viewed here. Please read through it when you can! If you have any questions that have not been answered or would like clarification on anything at all, feel free to email me or leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to respond to you!

For all your love and support to the oh, hello friend shop, i hope you know how grateful i am and will always be to you, dear friends.

all for His glory,


OHF Retail is Hiring


Sorry for all the announcement posts but we have a lot to tell you ; ) We are looking for some new additions to our team and are now hiring Retail Associate positions for our Fullerton & Tustin (opening in Summer 2014) locations. Applications can be downloaded here and emailed to or dropped off to our Fullerton location. We look forward to receiving your application and meeting you!

Also, it’s my friend Kelly’s 1-year blog anniversary and to celebrate, we’re giving away $100 to the new oh, hello friend online shop! Click here to check out her blog and enter the giveaway.


Hi friends! Happy 2014 to you. Last month was crazy with the shop (wish every month was December, shop sales were intense!) and we traveled around to quite a few craft shows, then went to Sacramento & Kansas City to spend time with both of our families. In total, we were only home 8 days in December! It’s great to be home and for life to be sort of back to normal. Posting will be scattered over the next few weeks – we are transiting to WordPress and getting a whole new! Thanks for sticking with the blog and checking in :) Here’s to an amazing new year filled with love, friends & family, and many new blessings. 


Have you guys heard of Skillshare? I just came upon it the other day. It is awesome! So there is a classes section and then a project section where students will post photos of their work and progress from the class. Such a great concept! Here are a few projects from the classes that caught my eye:

Daniel Cohen from the class, Intro to Night Photography

Moorea Seal from the class, Identifying Your Goals: Make a Life List with GoMighty

Andrea Perkov from the class, Illustrating Your Favorite Runway Looks

Phil Worthington, Colleen Leh, and Savannah Jarratt

From the class, Lettering: Learn to Draw Illustrative Words


The classes are really reasonable – most I’ve found range from only $20 – $50! Some of the classes on my list I’d like to try out are: Designing Beautiful AppsHTML & CSS in 30 daysDesigning Effective T-Shirt Graphics. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with learning new things … Wasn’t a big fan of school and not a top student but these days, I love learning! Learning new things and adding knowledge to things you never had any experience with before is the best :)

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reminisce / felt club, madness:

Hello friends! This post is a part of ‘reminisce’ week – I thought it’d be fun to do a recollection of some old blog posts from years ago. This post is about one of the very first craft shows I sold at in los angeles – felt club. (they actually stopped having the event after this one, kind of sad!) Actually the first craft show I did was the week before this (patchwork show) and I didn’t think to take one single picture. haha, was not a very good blogger at that time 😉 Anyway, the way I wrote here was so silly, I can’t believe it! and I kind of laugh about how my table first started out, I barely had anything to sell! It’s hard to believe this was nearly 4 years ago. The pics I took are horrendous but I just had to post this because it brought back so many feelings and memories. I still remember sitting in the car after the show with Nick and counting the money we made. I think it was $1000 or something and we were so amazed! After that, we were hooked on craft shows, lol. There is nothing like doing something for the first time and having those memories, is there? We’ve done quite a few craft shows since this and they’re all kind of a blur. But I’ll never forget this one, our very first. This post was originally posted on November 18, 2008.


This was the event! My very first craft show. Well, second. After patchwork last Sunday! I’ve been wanting to do this for years! Finally! It was everything I ever hoped for and more. 😉 jk. I probably would have done things differently. Like, had more product to sell. (I was only making 1-each items the night before, which sold within the first hour. um, hello myself. make more!) + brought a back up necklace stand since early on my necklace tree wouldn’t stay in it’s stand. I had to gorilla glue it in, which then leaked on to the table. haha. ok. Anyway, It was run by Jenny, who is amazing to pull off something like this! I mean, it was so well advertised and organized. We got there. grabbed a chart and found our spot. I’ll write more later. So here are the pics!

At first I was like, well this image just looks crazy because of all the vendors…but no, there are a lot of people here at felt club. crazy! madness! image from buz carter on flickrSome photos of my table! Sadly my full shots were all blurry. Meh. Maybe It would have helped if I turned on the flash. I didn’t say I am good at photography.

holiday cards + gift packs (sold all but 2!)

gumball machine + gift wrap section!

in action! my aunt took these. the photographer in her.

nicholas being a sad bear 😉 but he’s really happy.

thanks for looking through all the pics!


better homes and gardens

paper and olives stationery via a daily something

love this styled cupcake shoot from always better with butter
(especially love the cake stand idea!)

justin broadbent
(have to look at all of these, they’re pretty sweet. couldn’t get the exact link so scroll down.

i love the art of letterpress, don’t you? via boxcar press

via lotta jansdotter

love this bathroom!

would love a wall full of frames! by Ashley Curry Photography via lauren’s pin

lovely outdoor lanterns by terrain via poppytalk

yum! and swoon. formal fringe

el mueble

swoon x 1000! i would love this exact set up in my home!

Mademoiselle Loulou via vintage rose brocante

vintage sale with friends:

It’s been a couple months since we’ve had a vintage sale so we put another one on the calendar…. and this time we have some friends joining in on the sale – it’s going to be a ton of fun! Be sure to go here and RSVP at the eventbrite page and you can read about all the information there. There is actually going to be a lot of vintage kid stuff so be sure to come for all the kid treasures. (I love kid vintage!) The sale will be located in Fullerton from 9:00 am – noon. Here’s a list of friends joining us:

Misha Lulu
3 Ring Circus Vintage
Bridewell Market
Karey and Allen
& possibly more.. stay tuned!

Hope to see you there!

an apology:

update: to address a few of the comments left at this post — Kal & I actually talked over the phone and had a good conversation. I explained my side of things. She was very understanding. I know some of you are saying that I am being too hard on myself but maybe I just took this position because I’ve had my work copied very blatantly and then have the person outright deny it. I just needed to take responsibility. This post is not an entire apology, but a call to realization and action. I hope that point wasn’t missed. Maybe it was. No, I’m not loosing sleep over this and I don’t think 2 lines would have sufficed. I did write this post right after it happened so it may contain some extra emotions but it’s written from the heart.

Friends, I did something really un-classy thing last week. I used someone’s work without asking, without even knowing it. I didn’t realize it was hers. I know, I know. how could I not know?? But it truly just did not even hit me. So I don’t even know what’s worse. Knowing it and doing it. Or being so ignorant and doing it. Regardless, I owe everyone an apology.

The “be classy” message from the free monthly calendar I posted was not mine to use. It is the work of Kal Barteski. I am embarrassed. The kind of crawl-under-the-bed-and-never-return embarrassed. I acknowledge that it was totally and completely irresponsible of me.

The elements I sometimes use in my designs are from various resource sites. Some time ago, I downloaded a pack of .png files from a source I won’t name. I guess I thought this person created all these designs themselves. but that is how I came across Kal’s design. Her logo was removed and probably many other designer’s logos in this pack of images. Ugh. As a designer, I should know better. No excuses. I take full responsibility. The irony here is that I spoke on a panel with Kal in January about crediting properly!! Wow. I know, I know. This is bad.

I have to first and fore-mostly apologize to Kal – I am so sorry for the anger, disappointment, and frustration I am sure to have caused through this. I’m sorry for showing such a lack of class and using your design.

and I apologize to you, the readers & the blog community. With improper crediting and artists getting copied being so rampant now and days, I should have been more responsible with the designs I offered to you.

As a designer & blogger – I stand for proper crediting. I stand for responsibility, and doing my research for correct links and sources. So to have used Kal’s image so ignorantly in my design goes against everything I try to do.

At ALT we talked about how we, you and I, those who know what is right, need to set the standard. Maybe some people just don’t know what is okay and what’s not okay. So it has to start with a few doing it right, and hopefully it will pass on. But how can I set good example when I’m doing something that is really not cool? I can’t. I hope my experience can show us all how it is so important, now more than ever, to credit properly and link with love. If you are removing someone’s logo from something – that is not okay. Who even removes logos from work? It just took one person to remove Kal’s logo from her image which went viral on tumblr, uncredited and un-sourced. It’s really a shame.

I’ve learned such a valuable lesson here: to care more and stop being so apathetic to doing proper research. To respect artists and designers, and simply be responsible.

One request: please do me a huge favor and download the new & corrected calendar. Kal Barteski’s beautiful work can be purchased here. Thank you so much for reading and making a decision to be responsible.

ps: I wasn’t sure if I should leave comments open or closed on this one but I’ve decided to leave them open. If you have any thoughts, want to scold me (which I totally deserve), want to share any of your own experiences so others may know, please do so in the comments below.

alt summit extravaganza:

Okay, this took me a while to get together but I realized I’ve attended alt for 3 years now and haven’t even posted a follow-up about the panels so this year I am determined to get it up. I went to a few panels the first day but the 2nd day we had a baby shower for a friend so I wasn’t able to make it to any sessions. So here you go: my full alt recap! :)
On Wednesday afternoon, Alt gave attendees the opportunity to attend Shift Summit. I figured why not take in all the opportunities to learn that I could, so I signed up and I am so glad I did. Here are some points I took from it that really stood out.
Regarding sharing:
– There’s never been a time that individuals have been so empowered to have influence on the community.
– Appeal to consumers motivation to connect with each other, not just with your brand.
– Sharing comes down to one thing – its about embedding your content in a message that others do want to share.
Regarding Social Media:
I thought one of the most interesting things said at this panel was by Kyle Snarr from StruckAxiom.
You cannot just be on facebook and twitter anymore .. its not enough.
To some of us, this may seem really crazy because we can hardly keep up with twitter/facebook as it is. He went into talking about something called The HUB THEORY: It’s this notion of picking a location, a place to point your social avenues to – i.e.: your main website or your blog. Kyle says finding out that right social media mix for you is critical – figure it out and then publish everywhere. Facebook / twitter / youtube / pinterest / tumblr / linked in / flickr.
So everything is at one central hub. For me, my “main hub” is my blog. What is yours? Kyle then says you need to be using Social Media as avenues to direct back to your main hub. Take your content and push it through instagram. or twitter. Everyone is on different communities, they are different groups of people. Personally, I am not on instagram because they don’t make it for my phone. But thousands are. Take a photo, share it on instagram and direct that traffic back to your blog. I don’t really use facebook but thousands of others do and I have it for my blog. It may seem like a lot but really, you’re essentially managing one main community and using social media to direct impressions back to your site.
Adam Young from pointed out to figure out where you want to focus your social media efforts – for their company – they chose to do it through Facebook and their email database.
While you can be in all the social media places, Adam points out it is most important to focus on branding. Be consistent with your brand. This is always essential. If you’re all over the place and fall out from what you truly are, it does not give a true representation of who you are. Your brand IS your social strategy. They’re not different, but they are one in the same. Brand brings definition.
Wrapping it up:
Focus on QUALITY, ORIGINAL CONTENT. This seemed to be a main theme at the conference. The speakers stress to focus on fresh original homemade homegrown content. Focus on quality. Take a quick class to become a decent photographer. Thats all it takes. Keep in mind the long term trend toward this usefulness. your posts – have them be useful.
This was a great panel featuring:
Regarding Balance:
Balance is a state of flexibility that allows me to be creative. To stay balanced, you need to constantly be open to flexibility. It’s not this picture perfect life. It’s constantly changing on so many levels. The balance is in keeping perspective and always having what is important it in your mind.
Regarding Focus:
They talked about focus and joked about having 17 windows open, then hopping over to twitter. then to pinterest. Isn’t this all too familiar with so many of us? My brother came over one day and say all the windows and tabs I had open and said “Man, I’d be stressed out too if I had a desktop like this.” haha. I’ve joked with friends about how crazy it is that we can have so many windows open at once. Maybe it’s a way to make us feel like we’re busy but we don’t need to be inventing ways to feel busy. We can turn it off, just make a deliberate effort to do that. Make effort to CLOSE THE WINDOW and only have 1 window, 1 project going on at a time. When it is finished, then I can go focus on another thing.
Regarding Living:
Here are some notes I typed up that the panelists said:
“its okay for my blog not to grow the fastest or have the most traffic or make the most money. I am better creatively when I am stopping and taking care of myself. It makes my blog better. For me, its giving myself the permission to say “I’m going to stop here. I’m not going to keep going going going. make myself sick” — This idea of consciously living – taking a long view of who you are. what matters to you. what’s important. where you live is irrelevant. who am I, why am I here. What am I supposed to be doing. What do I feel when I wake up in the morning? Your blog/shop/whatever – doesn’t have to be your only measure of success. Be authentic about the path you are choosing.
I am going to make a little less money but I will be so much more happy. I can do taxes and package orders but its not what I was made to do. Hire someone to package your orders and free up that time for you to do something else.
I was on a panel with some lovely ladies: Kal Barteski, Sarah Wert, Tracey Clark. Here are some points I touched on about regarding Blog Etiquette:
Regarding Comments:

– Leaving Comments are really about showing support
There isn’t one single rule about comments but generally, and I’ve realized this just recently: We really show support by leaving comments. If you used a recipe or found a great diy resource, leave a comment to let them know you appreciate them. Bloggers work hard to put together content. One blog I regularly frequent expressed she would put so much work into her posts and receive no comments, it was discouraging so she just disabled her comments entirely. I thought that was really interesting but also kind of sad too. Comments are just a nice way to support this special blog support community that we are a part of. I know I actually need to be more intentional about leaving more comments on blogs who I appreciate and clearly put a lot of work + effort into their posts. I think for me, I already feel like I don’t have enough time in the day. But it’s just about taking an extra 5 or 10 minutes to leave a comment. What do you think?
-Don’t self promote in your comments
This pretty bad etiquette. Leaving a thoughtless comment to self-promote yourself like, “nice post. By the way, I’m doing a giveaway here! link.” Use the “name/URL” box (or have the link attached to your blogger profile) and if someone wants to click to your site, they’ll find it that way.
Regarding Copying:
I talked a little about this because a couple years ago, I got my entire blog design copied. Not sure if you’ve ever been in a similar situation or experience yourself.. I’ve heard countless stories from other blog friends about this. Here are some points I talked about:
– Choose your battles.
Grace Bonney from Design Sponge actually said this in her panel last year and I’ve always remembered it because it’s so true. Some things just aren’t worth the time and effort.
– Don’t air your dirty laundry.
It happened early on in my blogging years and my initial response was to do a post about it and let all the world know this girl was a big fat copycat. Thankfully I had some nice blog friends who I emailed and they advised me not to post about it, but deal with it privately and I did. It was definitely better to handle it that way in the long run.
– Copying / Being Inspired.
Take an idea and make it your own. Work off that idea to make a new idea. In our ever growing creative community, it is really hard to come up with something completely 100% original. It’s a tough line because yes, we all gather inspiration from each other to some degree. But we also need to do this on a conscious level.
Regarding Crediting:
To be honest, and some of you may remember, I didn’t always used to credit properly. It seems like this should be a given and common sense but I honestly just didn’t know. I think so many people just don’t realize. But it starts with us, we need to all set the example and others will hopefully follow.
– Give credit where credit is due.
If you see a decorating idea and use it on your own blog, just leave a comment to where you saw the idea first. People aren’t going to think you’re unoriginal or not creative.. I have a friend who gets copied all the time, for some reason the blogger copying her will just not leave her link crediting back. I really don’t get it.
– Make effort to find the proper credit
Pinterest / weheartit / imgfave – are not proper credits. I posted a resource link list here the other day with tineye + google image search (which a reader actually told me about) If I want to use a photo that doesn’t have the right credit, I’ll take that extra time to search for it and try to find the original source. If I can’t find it, I won’t use the image.
– Put a disclaimer on your blog.
If you don’t want people to use your stuff, post it somewhere on your site. Now and days you see copyrights and messages on blogs like, “all content the right of so and so” .. I personally don’t mind if people use my photos but someone else may. I put a little button on my site that says “use my photos, just credit” – so if you are posting your own photos and everything, make it clear about your preferences.

If you want to read even more, check the Alt Blog for lots of recaps. You can also go through the thousands of #altsummit tweets for great quotes from bloggers tweeting during the event. Anyway, here are some images from the fabulous Friday night parties they had.
Had so much fun hanging out with friends: Lillian, Beth, Karen, Melanie. There were lots of photo booths, smilebooth was a favorite and ruelala’s was super cute too.