my engagement ring:

so if you’re a recent reader to the blog, on november 6, my sweet bf and i got engaged! thank you to everyone who shared in our joys and celebration from the story! and friends who congratulated us at craft shows over the past couple months, it is so special to be able to share it with you.

anyway, i wanted to share my special engagement ring with you today… and really kind of just brag about my fiancee for a second 😉 i found this piece of paper on my floor, and when i opened it up i realized that it was a schedule for the day he proposed, broken down minute by minute. i’ll admit: i teared up a little and it made me realize just how much work he put into it and how blessed i am to have someone who cares for me so much.

here’s the schedule i found:
engaged: list.
so cute right? i think it’s cute 😉

and i went a little crazy on the pictures of the ring he made out of a block of wood. all he used was a hand saw and a some sandpaper (in the picture above, with the wood block too) he said there was sawdust all over his apartment… when he showed me the block of wood that he started with, all i could think was.. wow, that’s legit! hehe.

engaged: ring3
engaged: ring1
engaged: ring2

the block is the ‘back up’ piece he made just in case he had to start over.. so yea, he started with that wood block and sanded and sanded and sanded until he came up with the ring you see next to the block. he also told me he just guessed on the drill bit size and drilled! it fit my finger perfectly so it was definitely meant to be! he even somehow managed to carve little hearts on the side.
engaged: ring4
engaged: ring5

i wore it for a month but we were both afraid it would break esp.. then for christmas, he surprised me with these beautiful rose rings he picked out on etsy! i love them.. and i feel like they’re symbolic in a way… the 2 roses represent him and i and the 1 rose represents Christ! when i mentioned it to him he said he thought the exact same thing! so i am just wearing the 2 roses ring and i think the 1 rose will just be my wedding ring. :)

engaged: new rings.
ps: if you want to know where the rings are from, i can ask him!
just let me know!

2 rings, i am a lucky + blessed girl.
thanks for letting me share the engagement rings
with you 😉 happy friday dear friends. xo.

update: nick told me the shop he got the rings from is jennykim!
her work is just fabulous!
thanks for all your sweet comments! nick thanks you too. :)

bridesmaid project (2)

here is project 2! they are little surprise books with pockets envelopes for surprises. these were made for the fabulous the most lovely lucy of utterly engaged, who just got married last weekend! the books included a hair pin, pocket mirror and necklace. finished with paper lace trim, these are so much fun. :)

bridesmaid books: 1
bridesmaid books: 2
bridesmaid books: 4
bridesmaid books: 3
bridesmaid books: 8
bridesmaid books: 5
bridesmaid books: 6

lovely goods will return next week 😉

bridesmaid projects:

i love weddings. i’ve recently made a couple small projects for bridesmaids and they have been really fun – so i wanted to share them with you! the first project was for michelle woo, who recently got engaged! (congrats!) i met her at a sephora makeup gathering and even though it was short, she was so sweet and had just gotten engaged the day before! so she messaged me with an idea to get the locket rings and place a message inside for her bridesmaids. she got to choose her flower colors and here’s how it turned out!

bridesmaid rings: 1
bridesmaid rings: 2
bridesmaid rings: 3
bridesmaid rings: 4

weekend wedding:

i went to a wedding on saturday, at a ranch only 5 minutes away from my house. it is crazy that little places like this exist and one can go without even knowing! my roommate (2nd to last picture) was the wedding coordinator and we both thought it was so cool that there was this lovely place hidden away in placentia, california. it was just a perfect sunny day for a wedding.

anyway, i loved the details of kim’s wedding: everything from the super cute wood crates to the mason jar centerpieces filled with tulips. she gave out little knotts berry farm jars or orange jelly. i was able to design the invitations for her wedding, and we threw together a program for the wedding last minute. sadly, i did not take any pictures of those or even think to…i’m so bad at that! but here are some images i was able to capture, though i am no photograher, i really enjoyed the whole atmosphere – the trees providing natural shade, with sunlight rays still beaming through. it was all so charming and came together so well. her budget wasn’t a lot: so the flowers, the cake, the videos, were all done by friends – now that is how to do a wedding i say!