Calligraphy Workshop:

A couple weeks ago we held a calligraphy workshop! We had a full class and it was a lot of fun!

Everyone’s personalized starter kit with paper, pen, and ink.

pretty swishes and blots!

All the practice sheets are so pretty!

Everyone picked up so quickly, they all looked like professionals 😉

Our awesome helpers for the evening!

If you’re local to Orange County – we have a couple more calligraphy workshops available this month and we’re offering watercolor, floral arranging, string art, and a few more! Click here for the schedule and to sign up! Calligraphy workshops are $75 and all materials are included. 

Workshop Survey:

Announcement for Southern California residents only, sorry non-california friends! 😉 we have a temporary space to have events and classes and we were wondering if you guys could take this poll to give us your feedback about workshops so we know what you’re interested in – Click here to take the survey! All responses will be entered to win a $50 gift card to the shop. Thanks friends!

lovely package workshop:

We had the lovely package workshop a couple weeks ago at Salvage Life. It’s a lot of fun to prep and set up for events, to gather the props and supplies needed. Here are some shots from around the workshop that day. My husband took most of these, he is the best! :)
Some shots of the workshop set up and all the things we had to package with.
Had some little eats before the workshop started.
We had guests Tristan from Besotted Brand and Lauren from Lauren Elise Crafted join us and show us some super cute packaging ideas.
Beth set up her photo area with cute props to take pictures of the packages – so fun!
Shots from around the workshop and the tables.
All in all, I think it went well. Packaging is something I love to do and it’s always fun to meet new friends. Thanks to Megan, Elizabeth, and Jennifer for joining us!

last call for workshop signups:

Sign ups for the lovely package workshop close today! Did anyone still want to sign up?
The workshop is going to be at Salvage Life in Long Beach, CA this Saturday, November 26th from 1:00-3:00. It will be a fun time of packaging, wrapping, chatting, and just enjoying creative things. Refreshments will be provided. We have 2 lovely blog friends stop in as well – Tristan from Besotted Brand and Lauren from Lauren Elise is Crafted! AND there’s a pretty sweet gift bag filled with lots of packaging goodies in it for you too. Cost is $55 if you reserve online or $50 if you pay by check. Reserve your ticket now! :)

Lovely Package Workshop:

So some of you know I have been a fan of packaging for a while.. There is just something so wonderful about a package/gift wrapped up all pretty. I’ve been wanting to hold a packaging workshop for a while now, and things finally just fell into place to have one! So I am very excited to announce the first lovely package workshop. I hope you’ll join us for a beautiful afternoon of wrapping + packaging, pretty things, and good company.
The workshop will be held at Salvage Life in Long Beach, CA on Saturday, November 26th from 1:00-3:00. Bring a few holiday gifts and we’ll show you some lovely ways to wrap your gifts up! Refreshments will be provided. We have 2 special guests coming and you’ll be sent home with a pretty sweet gift bag filled with lots of packaging goodies.
Cost is $55 if you reserve online or $50 if you pay by check or money order. Reserve your ticket now at eventbrite.
We are having 2 lovely blog friends stop in to show us one of their favorite packaging ideas – Tristan from Besotted Brand and Lauren from Lauren Elise is Crafted!

Come for the goodie bag alone because it will be filled with lots of lovely packaging goods. But of course, also come because this workshop is going to be super fun! 😉
How does it all sound? Exciting I hope! Head over to eventbrite to reserve your ticket! Thanks friends!

snap it pretty – a photo workshop:

So Ruby & I love taking pictures! But we don’t claim to be experts or anything like that. In fact, we’ll admit we don’t really even know how to use the basic functions of our cameras! We pretty much just point and shoot. Which is why we’ve decided we need to have a photo workshop for super baby beginners, like us! So we’re holding our very first workshop (with hopefully more to come!) We’ve invited the lovely Jen from i art u to come share her photo knowledge with us. Here’s all the info about our workshop! Hope you will sign up & join us for a super fun day of learning and pretty things :)

Snap It Pretty: Learning the basics of your DSLR so you can snap away at all the pretty things in life.

Who it is for: A DSLR owner who wants to learn the basics of how to use their camera in manual mode. If you basically use your DSLR as a point and shoot, then this class is for you! We’ll go over things like the shutter speed, ISO, focus, depth of field, and more!

Who it isn’t for: Those who already know how to use their camera in manual because if you do, this class will bore you. Maybe we will have something for you next time!

When: Saturday July 23, from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Cost: $150

Where: Fullerton, California (Location will be emailed to attendees)

What will be provided: lunch, goodie bags, and the basic knowledge of how to use your DSLR from a professional photographer.

What will you be doing? 1) Learning the basics of how to use your DSLR in manual mode. 2) In a group, styling vintage props to practice your snapping away for pretty pictures. 3) Meeting and mingling with fellow bloggers, and really – you can’t put a price on meeting like-minded blog friends 😉 It’s the best!

Questions? Email us at! If you are interested in attending, please sign up here and we will email you with payment information. Class space is limited to just 15 people.

We’ve been working hard to collect some lovely goods from all around – Some of our sponsors include knitty bitties, imo shop, cute tape, friends make prints, petite paperie, and lots more! Attendees also have a chance to enter our mega giveaway for a chance to win a prize from jo totes & ketti handbags, valued at over $95!

* ps: we know the workshop is only a couple weeks away so if only a few people sign up, we may schedule the workshop for a later date.